Collaborate with CeBiB

CeBiB’s Technology Transfer Unit has a strong focus on the development of technologies with commercial interest, allowing innovation to contribute to the growth of companies, developing new products and processes, and impacting various national and international industries.

Our technology development strategy is based on collaboration through different strategies:

Technology push: technologies having a high impact in specific industries are developed at CeBiB to attract the interest of national and international companies.

Market pull: starting from a market need or a particular company for which CeBiB has the capabilities to create a solution. The Technology Transfer Unit has various strategies to collaborate with the industry and other institutions.

Collaboration strategies

The CeBiB has collaborated with companies, universities and other research centres. Given the diverse requirements and needs, there are various collaboration approaches:

  • Licensing of intellectual property rights: Technology transfer through a license agreement associated with a patent.
  • Spin-off creation: Formation of a new company for the commercialisation of a specific technology from CeBiB.
  • Technology transfer contract: Transfer of know-how contracts and use of technology prior to intellectual protection.
  • R&D services: direct recruitment by a company or institution for R&D services.
  • Incorporation of students and researchers in the industry: Incorporation of students and researchers to a company’s team as an internship for skills transfer.
  • Collaborative research projects: Collaborative work that addresses technical or market challenges, which generates an opportunity for the company, such as proof of concept or prototypes.