Our Vision

Our specialized capital

CeBiB can be the strategic partner that many industries need, through its work as an external unit of early research. Our capabilities allow us to support different organizations that require medium- and long-term analysis and projections.

Through our renowned researchers, leaders in their fields in Chile and abroad, CeBiB can offer consulting for both the public and the private sectors regarding biotechnology and bioproduction.

Science as a strategic ally for development

In order to implement an efficient technological transfer strategy, in CeBiB we deem it essential to have first-hand, on-site knowledge of the problems that the public and private sectors are facing so as to understand their needs and the solutions they require.

A research centre for the public and private sectors

Generating strategic collaboration alliances allows CeBiB to offer its specialized human capital and infrastructure to carry out early research, analysis, high-level consulting and biotechnological applications. In CeBiB both the public and private sectors can find a strategic partner in consulting and as an associate research unit.