Associate Universities

The Centre for Biotechnology and Bioengineering research project has as one of its main goals to connect the scientific work made from north to south in Chile. This goal respond to the fact that Chile has unique territories and their particular ecosystems present characteristics of interest for the development of potential biotechnological applications.

In CeBiB, we know interdisciplinarity and the collaboration among centres from remote cities is key to increment and strengthen Chilean scientific, technological and innovative capabilities.

Therefore, CeBiB is a co-joint research centre, leaded by University of Chile and with associate universities from Antofagasta to Puerto Montt, each one forming a highly specialized leader in the field research node.


University of Antofagasta, Antofagasta

Principal researchers Benito Gómez and Cristina Dorador lead the scientific work in the Antofagasta University, with focus on the study of the eco-physiology of extreme environments microorganism and, by their characterization, look for new bioactive compounds.


University of Santiago de Chile, Santiago

Principal researcher Mauricio Marín works in this institution in Bioinformatics, looking for the development of bioinformatics solutions applied to biotechnological problems and with a vision of industrial applications.


University of La Frontera, Temuco

The study of microalgae and their different potential uses is one of the research lines developed in this university, leaded by Principal Researcher Carolina Shene. Some of the high value chemicals science could obtain from microalgae goes from biofuel to nutraceuticals.


University of Los Lagos, Puerto Montt

The potential applications of macroalgae or seaweed is well documented and attract the interest of several organizations. The team in Puerto Montt leaded by Principal Researcher Alejandro Buschmann studies seaweed genetics, their adaptative abilities and high value compounds, that could be used to obtain from biofuels to antioxidants.


University of Chile, Santiago

Leaded by the principal researchers Juan Asenjo, Barbara Andrews, Gonzalo Navarro, María Elena Lienqueo and Álvaro Olivera, the group in University of Chile connects the scientific work developed in all the institutions, fostering interdisciplinarity in all the cities CeBiB is present. In University of Chile CeBiB also works in proteins engineering, mathematical modelling and metabolics among many other disciplines, to create biotechnological applications that give an answer to urgent social needs and stimulate Chilean economic growth based in science, technology and innovation.