Executive Director

The Executive Director is in charge of the implementation and realization of the decisions taken by the Board of Principal Researchers. She is also the link with the financial office at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) and in charge of the transfer of resources to the regional universities related to our Centre.al Centro. The Executive Director communicates directly with the office in CONICyT that is in charge of basal centres such as CeBiB. Thus, her labor helps promote and nurture the relationship with the partner institutions and staff belonging to the Centre.

She is supported by staff that maintains fluid communication with researchers and administrative personnel, together with the permanent monitoring of our accounting office.

Paz Zañartu Reyes
Executive Director
Lawyer, Degree in Social Sciences and Law, specialized in the operative performance and financial management of scientific research centres.
Phone: +562 2978 4714
E-mail: pzanartu@ing.uchile.cl

Irene Román
Administrative Secretary
Phone: +562 2978 4713
E-mail: iroman@ing.uchile.cl

Guillermo Navarro
Accounting Analyst
Phone: +562 2978 0736
E-mail: junavarro@ing.uchile.cl

Héctor Figueroa
Logistics Manager
Phone: +562 2978 0934
E-mail: hector.figueroa@cebib.cl

Francisco Rebolledo
Administrative Assistant
Phone: +562 2978 0933
E-mail: frebolle@ing.uchile.cl