About Outreach & Communications

The Centre for Biotechnology and Bioengineering has a strong commitment with the dissemination of science to the different sectors of our society. Spreading scientific knowledge is crucial in order to nurture public opinion and increasing the capacity of key actors of our society to make informed decisions in every aspect of our country’s work.

In this context andassuming our role as disseminators of science in a friendly language, CeBiB contributes to developing and invigorating scientific thinking by carrying out workshops and talks aimed at a general audience, including high school teachers and students.

The researchers (who are also speakers) of the Centre for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (CeBiB) can address topics such as the search for new antibiotics or anticancer compounds; mathematical modelling applied to health problems; bioinformatics applications and informatics developments for Big Data management; development of new microorganisms through synthetic biology to produce high value chemicals among other uses; sustainable aquaculture, Red Tide and algae farms culture, and many other issues.

Our multidisciplinarian team is composed by Engineers in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineers, Molecular Biologist, Genetists and experts in Genomics and Metabolomics, Marine Biologists, Mathematics Engineers, Bioinformatics, Computer Sciences Engineers, among experts in diverse disciplines.

In Outreach and Divulgation, CeBiB has developed a serie of activities for high school students and teachers to strengten their knowledge in our research fields. For more information, please check our Outreach Activities.

For the Press (including mass media, specialized and institutional) we offer our scientists as speakers and also we have a program of seminars and talks for those journalists interested in knowing more about what it is being done in Chile in Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. For more information about our talks, contact us at comunicaciones@cebib.cl and check our News Section and Media Coverage (only in spanish).


       Noemí Miranda Gómez                          Marcela Antipán Olate                         Paz Martínez Fajardo
       Communications Manager                        Communications Officer                          Journalist & Social Media Manager



Noemí Miranda Gómez

Communications and Outreach Manager
Journalist specialized in Social and Scientific Communication, Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación.
Phone: +562 2978 0935 / +569 9879 9427
E-mail: nmirandag@ing.uchile.cl

Marcela Antipán

Communications and Outreach Officer
Designer specialized in Data Visualization and Information Design, Universidad de Chile.
Phone: +562 2978 0931 / +569 8811 1056
E-mail: marcela.antipan@cebib.cl

Paz Martínez Fajardo

Periodista | Social Media Manager
Periodista y Licenciada en Comunicación Social, Universidad Andrés Bello
Gestión con medios, redes sociales y actividades de extensión
Teléfono: +562 2978 0931 / +569 6368 6612
E-mail: pmartinez@cebib.cl