CeBiB Director represents Chile at the 34th Meeting of the OECD Global Science Forum

Juan A. Asenjo, CeBiB Director and member of the Chilean Council for Innovation and Development, was chosen as our country’s representative in the 34th Meeting of the OECD Global Science Forum. This is the first of the two annual meetings carried out by the GSF, looking forward to supporting countries in the improvement of their

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Collaboration between CeBiB and Scottish university allows for in-depth research on how a bacterium survives UV radiation

The research went beyond the study of the genetic traits of the bacterium Rhodobacter. Thanks to analysis tools from the field of proteomics, CeBiB’s researcher could deepen our understanding of the microorganism’s reaction to radiation in extreme environments. How do bacteria live in extreme environments? How do they protect themselves from harsh conditions, such as

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Cutting-edge biotechnology will be the topic of the 2016 conferences “Wednesday in the Academy”

This year’s version of the succesful series of conferences “Wednesday in the Academy”, organized by the Chilean National Academy of Sciences for high-school students and general audiences, will take place between June 22nd and August 31st. Public interested in assisting should register their attendance at the end of the page at: The guiding thread of this version’s lectures is

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