More than 400 attendees participated in the “Wednesday at the Academy” seminars on biotechnology and bioinformatics

More than 400 attendees participated in the serie 2016 of seminars “Wednesday at the Academy”, an outreach activity organized by the Chilean National Academy of Sciences. The lectures look for close the gap between frontier scientific research and general audience, particularly high-school students. This year’s talks were imparted by nine Principal Researchers at CeBiB and the topics ranged from biotechnology

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CeBiB successfully carries out first meeting between industry and biotechnology

“If we were in Europe or the USA it would be odd to organize a meeting to connect the industry with the academy, because there it is a constant activity. Here we are beginning to establish such a routine”, pointed out Patricio Aceituno, Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University

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CeBiB researchers receive Google Research Award for Latin America

Gonzalo Navarro, Principal Researcher and Deputy Director at CeBiB, and Joshimar Córdova, CeBiB researcher and postgraduate student at the University of Chile, are amongst the 24 recipients of the Google Research Award for Latin America. They submitted a project that looks to provide practical implementations of compressed RAM (CRAM), being selected from the more than

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